VIVA Institute of Applied Art Library is very rich source of knowledge which motivates learners for keeping update It supports learners in teaching and research activities. The library is well equipped with high quality information sources both in print and digital form. Library provides the user multiple options for research inclinations including latest books, e-books, e- journals, print journals, etc. Library has growing collection of about 3766 +books.


  • To exercise and demonstrate use and mastery of the elements of design.
  • To select, evaluate and acquire library materials in varied formats to meet and respond to the needs of our diverse community.
  • To provide opportunity, ensuring freedom and equal access to information for all members of the community, to educate and enlighten students.
  • To provide materials and resources that entertain and inspire as well as services offering space for people and information to come together, and programs that would create library awareness and consciousness.
  • To select appropriate media relative to concepts and forms of art