VIVA Institute of Applied Art is the youngest institute of the gigantic VIVA family. Firmly following the motto of ‘KG to PG’, the VIVA group has strived to ensure that a student who starts getting basic education on its campus, goes on to acquire the highest levels of education right up to post-graduation. From this philosophy, the seeds of VIVA Institute of Applied Art were sowed to nurture the creative aspects of a student’s growth.

Today is the age of global business and therefore global competition. Not just national, but also international brands compete with each other to find an edge in the consumer’s mind and leading their communication campaigns through the process of advertising and promotions.

Contribution of an Applied Artist is evident not just at the commercial level, but at the social education level too. Especially in a developing nation as ours, the role that communication plays in addressing social problems and uplifting society is huge. And with this task, the potential role of an applied artist is also huge.

Keeping this potential and responsibilities in mind, the course at the VIVA Institute of Applied Art has been structured to create able applied artists who can deliver to their maximum in the world of communication art.

While being a very young institute, I feel proud that some of our students have already started making their mark with bagging first prize at the ‘Car Graphic’ contest held at Sir J J Institute of Applied Art where several institutes participated. I am certain that the list of such illustrious student will only grow in number, in times to come.

Hon. Shri. Hitendra V. Thakur
President, VIVA Trust